“Sitting on the Dock”
Caminita Wildlife Collection
Giclee on Canvas

17" x 28" $350.00

Watercolor Paper Print
(Signed/Open edition) 
17" x 28" $85.00



5" x 8" $20.00

Currently, we are selling giclee on canvas and paper prints

**Please contact us for prices on our originals.

"Sitting on the Dock

Artwork Options
  • Artwork Options

    Giclee Prints All giclees are printed on canvas. Giclee is a technology for our fine art to be reproduced using a high-quality printer. Because of this innovative technique, our customers can get a true taste of Randy Caminita artwork at a reasonable cost.
    Paper Prints All of the available Caminita pieces are printed on either watercolor or satin paper ready to be framed when you receive it.
    Aluminum Prints Our aluminum prints provide a modern, yet timeless twist to our Caminita pieces. Printing on this medium allows for a durable and vibrant print you are sure to love.
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